Definitions for "Affinity Card"
A credit card issued by a member in conjunction with an organization or collective group (e.g., a professional association or special interest group) that is identified on the card. The card issuer often pays the organization a royalty on charge transactions.
Affinity cards are credit cards that are linked to organisation like charities, football clubs, political parties and other voluntary groups. Affinity cards are a good way of raising money for a charity or football club and are often used by supporters instead of a conventional credit card. The card issuer donates money (usually £5-£10) to the organisation when you first take out an affinity card and also whenever you use the card to buy things. In every other respect, affinity cards are the same as normal credit cards.
A credit card offered by two organisations. One would be a financial institution who would normally issue their own cards, the other organisation would be non-financial. Most often this would be a charitable organisation and the card would offer a donation to the charitable organisation based on the consumers use of the card. It may simply be a non-financial but profit making company such as Hilton and their HHonors card offering benefits with the Hilton group based on the card use.