Definitions for "ETC "
electron transport chain. The third stage of cellular respiration, occurring within the inner membrane of the mitochondria, in which the majority of the ATP are formed. In this process, electrons are transported along a chain of molecules, providing energy to pump hydrogen ions against their concentration gradient. When these hydrogen ions return down their concentration gradient, the energy released drives the synthesis of up to 32 ATP per molecule of glucose.
(Enhance Throughput Cellular) AT&T Paradyne protocol for data transmission over analog cellular connections consisting of enhancements to V.42 and V.32bis for compression, error detection, and error correction.
Enhanced Throughput Cellular; an AT&T Paradyne wireless cellular protocol enhancement, developed to allow modems equipped with ETC to transmit data at 14.4 bps.
Estimate to Complete. The expected additional cost needed to complete an activity, a group of activities or the project. Most techniques for calculating ETC include some adjustment to the original cost estimate based on performances to date. ETC= EAC- AC. (PMI)
Estimated Time of Construction
See Estimate to Complete
ntry are. Overnight voluntary treatment facility for intoxicated persons. Entry is affiliated with Genesee Hospital and uses space in the Salvation Army building on West Av in Rochester.
Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (or, CETC for competitive eligible telecommunications carrier) is a designation given to a wireline or wireless carrier that offers telephone service to all consumers throughout a service area without preference and it advertises the available supported services in the mass media. Carriers must meet certain federal and state requirements before receiving an ETC designation and subsequent support from the universal service fund for the provision, maintenance, and upgrading of facilities and services for which the support is intended.
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An acronym created by Robert McKin to describe the "feedback loop" necessary for graphic development of visual ideas. The letters stand for the three phases in the creative thinking cycle, xpression, esting, and ycling back to expression.
etc etera, synonymous with, "and I can't think of the last one".
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European Transient Cycle. The test cycle used for emissions certification of heavy duty diesel engines in Europe. The ETC is based on real road cycle measurements and consists of 3 parts; city, rural and motorway driving.
European Topic Centre – Contracted by the EEA to lead the development in European environmental information on a given topic. (URL:
European Topic Centre on Air Quality (URL:
ETC is a tiny Linux distro and software for turning inexpensive surplus Citadel touchscreen industrial PCs into a custom Web-based and PHP-scriptable home control/remote control.
Electrode Transfer Coefficient. A vector that may be multiplied into the Current Dipole generated at a given Dipole Region centroid in order to compute the invoked at a given Polyhedron facet.
education, training and counselling
Educational Technology Center, located in the Wallace Memorial Library basement. ETC performs non-specialized captioning for RIT.
Electronic Throttle Control
Electronic Traction Control
Electronic Toll Collection
is a private company that usually purchases items from domestic manufacturers, then sells them to foreign markets. The difference between an EMC and an ETC is sometimes insignificant, i.e., an EMC may occasionally take title of goods, while an ETC may sometimes work strictly on commission without purchasing the goods. The difference is what the company normally does.
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ETC is the ninth episode of the 2004 animated series Paranoia Agent.
Export Trading Company. A firm similar or identical to Export Management Company.
Abbreviation for " export trading company."
Exporting trading company. Buys products in one country and sells them in another.
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Erotic TV Clips
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Express Thumbnail Creator
Extreme Temperature Cookware
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event trapping capability
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A sign to make others believe that you know more than you actually do.
The /etc directory contains machine-specific configuration files and system administration databases.
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Exposure Time Calculator
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Equipment Trust Certificate
ETC can refer to the following terms. Further, there are some other terms which are not abbreviated in capitals.
Contains files for system initialization and system management.