Definitions for "Estimating"
Keywords:  etagere, ballpark, npmt, imprecise, wst
Calculating approximately the probable cost or value. [D00624] NPMT The act of combining the results of post project review metrics, consultation and informed assessment to arrive at time and resource requirement s for an activity. [D00625] WST An assessment of the anticipated cost of implementing all or part of a project. [D03842] PNG
Determining the probable cost of future work by measuring plans etc. Etagere: A set of shelves either fixed back to the wall or self supporting used as a display rather than storage sometime with glass doors.
The process of determining the cost of a project. Estimating typically results in a ballpark cost estimate and usually occurs prior to signing a final contract.
" Canada: An expression used within ATS when communicating a pilot estimate. Fr: « Estimant
Keywords:  outlined, entry, prior, sent, vary
A system of providing a price to a customer based on the specifications outlined on the estimate form. It is normally sent prior to the entry of an order and prices may vary if the order specifications are not the same as the estimate specifications.