Definitions for "Estimate to Complete"
Keywords:  eac, bcwp, gantt, forecasting, cccp
The expected additional cost needed to complete an activity, a group of activities or the project. Most techniques for calculating ETC include some adjustment to the original cost estimate based on performances to date. ETC= EAC- AC. (PMI)
("ETC") The value expressed in either dollars or hours developed to represent the cost of the work required to complete task. The ETC is calculated as BAC - BCWP. [D00618] WST The expected additional cost of an activity group of activities, or of the project when the defined scope of work is complete d. Most technique s for forecasting ETC include some adjustment of the original cost estimate base d on project performance to date. See also earned value and estimate at completion. [D00617] PMK96 cost type. An estimate of the value that remains to be commit ted within a cost class as of a specified date. The Estimate to Complete, when added to the commitment to date yields the estimated cost at completion of the scope of work in the class. This information should be update d monthly. A rigorous review of the Estimate to Complete for each cost class should be implemented by the project manager at regular specified intervals. [D00619] CCCP An Estimate of the time and/or effort required to complete the activity. [D03841] PNG
That portion of the EAC that addresses total expected costs for all work remaining on the contract.