Definitions for "communicating"
the activity of communicating.
For the purposes of this module communicating is a category of activities in which students engage in a learning environment. Communicating activities are characterized by their purpose, directionality of information flow, and in some cases their placement in the course of study. Communicating activities are undertaken to help students use and test ideas they are formulating, expand their scope of inquiry, build relationships with others, and to learn more about a subject. Communicating activities usually have some degree of bi-directional information exchange. Finally, communicating activities occur throughout the unit of study and are not considered summative in nature.
Passing along, imparting, transmitting; making known. Effectively using words, charts, graphs, and other methods to convey ideas or information so they will be understood.
the transmission of observable data; examples include spoken or written words, graphs, drawings, diagrams, maps, mathematical equations; skills such as asking questions, discussing, explaining, reporting, and outlining can aid in the development of communication skills
the process of sending and receiving data through a communication_association linking an actor and an usecase.