Definitions for "Linking"
Linking refers to the process of making connections between or among different entities or elements, including systems, vocabularies, index terms, etc. Examples include hyperlinks in online systems; linking among authority files, bibliographic files, and index files; and cross references between and among individual terms.
the process of converting one or more pairs of ucode files into an icode file suitable for execution.
The process of combining (i.e., linking together) the object code modules (object files) of previously assembled program elements into a complete, executable program. The elements linked together might consist of your program and library subroutines. The final executable file has the extension .EXE or .COM; it can be loaded into the memory of the computer and executed.
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The ability of people who can channel to combine their flows. Linked men and women Aes Sedai did so in the Age of Legends.
The act of combining various client accounts within the same family of funds for a breakpoint under an LOI or an ROA. Generally, you can link retail and IRA accounts for the same family group (husband, wife and minor children).
This isI making explicit the connections between the different parts of the training as you move from one to the next, to provide continuity for the trainees.
The way different sounds can link into each other in connected speech, e.g. it’ s a g oo d d ay
the process of connecting repeaters in a permanent network, or one controlled by access codes
verbs that can introduce descriptions, like "be", "seem" etc the marker used in the lexicon to label Modifiers (see Vb)
Term used for the link from the affiliate's website to the merchant's website or vice-versa
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(n.) See chaining.
All. When one turn follows another immediately, that's linking. The end of one turn is actually the beginning of the next.
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Providing a link from on Web site to another Web site.
Placing a link to another web page (usually on another web site) on one of your own web pages.
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The process by which members of one section become members of the next.