Definitions for "SFX"
Shared Library Sharp
A way to navigate between electronic resources. Provides access to full-text online journal articles, when available.
SFX is a system for making direct links from references in databases and bibliographies.
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A precursor to Astral Projection, SFX was started in Israel in 1989 and originally consisted of Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter.
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See UC-eLinks
el tracting archive contains compressed data that should in theory decompress itself when run. The primary problem is that it will be platform specific and will only decompress properly on the same type of platform that was used to create it. Similar in principle to a self-dissolving archive but different in practice.
Self-extracting Archive
Abbreviation for special effects.
ound effects ( fx)
Sound effects.
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"San Francisco Exchange" , an exchange company.