Definitions for "Digital Library"
Digital Library is special database system oriented to digital objects. Digital objects are any documents in digital form. For example text, software, audio, video, ... Digital Library store a metadata and fulltext of digital object
A library in which the "books" are files stored on a computer and are accessable over the computer networks. These files might be electronic versions of actual books or documents, but they can also be astronical images and other data. An example of a digital library is the library.)
UCLA or California Digital Library
an integrated set of services for capturing, cataloging, storing, searching, protecting, and retrieving information
the combination of a collection of digital objects (repository); descriptions of those objects (metadata); a set of users (patrons or target audience or users); and systems that offer a variety of services such as capture, indexing, cataloging, search, browsing, retrieval, delivery, archiving, and preservation
a server on a computer network that can respond to user requests by retrieving relevant data contained within raster image documents as well as in other formatted ASCII documents
an online resource consisting of digital materials and services (PDF files, applets, audio/video segments etc)
an organization of digital items providing online services exchanging something knowledgeable about the items for a community
a repository for any information that is viewable on-line
a set of information resources and associated technical capabilities for creating, searching, using and serving information
an integrated technology and system that enables the digitized correction, access, management and distribution of multimedia objects