Definitions for "Segments"
Repeating units in the body parts of some animals.
The transverse rings of which the body of an articulate animal or annelid is composed. 193
A subdivision of an animal's body or appendage, located between joints.
ListManager allows you to send to a segment, or subset, of your list who meet the criteria you define. Instead of sending to your entire list, you can use segments to filter exactly who should get a message based on whatever criteria you choose.
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Also known as heats. In slot car racing, it usually takes 8 timed segments to make up one complete race, allowing each racer to compete once on each of the 8 lanes.
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A part of a trip, also called a leg or portion.
section or part of a larger thing This segment of the diagram is not very clear. segment (v), segmental (adj)
Bonded wheel structures that can be assembled on a special form to create a large grinding wheel.
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The unique elements of a chart of accounts. See also chart of accounts.
Representation of the Group in a manner which identifies the origin of business.
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The number of segments associated with a city pair
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See Arrangements
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Separate pieces
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See lines.