Definitions for "Francisco"
A moon of Uranus was discovered by Matthew J. Holman, John J. Kavelaars, Dan Milisavljevic, and Brett J. Gladman on August 13, 2001. Francisco is also designated as "Uranus XXII" and "S/2001 U3". Francisco is a lord in William Shakespeare's play The Tempest.
Francisco (fran-sis'-koe, ) is the innermost irregular satellite of Uranus.
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Francisco is an 'L' station on the CTA's Brown Line. It is a surface level station with a single island platform, located in Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood at 4649 North Francisco Avenue. The adjacent stations are Kedzie, which is about ⅓ mile to the west, and Rockwell, located across the Chicago River about ⅜ mile to the east.