Definitions for "Embedding"
Embedding a profile saves a copy of the source profile with the file so that the numeric colour values have some 'meaning' when taken to the next stage of the workflow.
a functor which is full and faithful and injective on objects
Data from one application inserted into another. A word processor file may contain information from a spreadsheet file. Updating the data in one can update the information in the other.
a function between metric spaces, usualy from an arbitrary one into a more simple and structured space (such a Euclidean space)
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a one-one homomorphism
Encapsulation process, of thick protective material.
The reactive process of glazing that gives the look of deep recesses of rock.
the process of molding an insulating plastic around a component or assembly to form a solid block having only the leads or terminals exposed.
A method of taking a scalar time series and using delayed snapshots of the values at fixed time intervals in the past so that the dynamics of the underlying system can be observed as a function of the previously observed states.
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(also see Nesting)
finding atomic coordinates from a distance geometry description by a projection method
Processes needed for project or programme outputs to be used, adopted, and taken up by the community, so they have impact and (ideally) initiate change.
entire estimate exclude extensive
combining two or more clauses into one to express more complex relationships.
The operation that consists in placing the module in the cavity of the card body.