Definitions for "Chaining"
A procedure in which responses are reinforced in sequence to form more complex behaviors. As each new behavioral link is added, only the most recent link needs to be reinforced. In skills where the completion of a task might in and of itself be reinforcing, backward chaining may also be used. In this system, the last component task is taught first, then next to the last, and so on, gradually moving toward the first task. This is a level I procedure.
In ABA-based interventions, the combining of simple, component behaviors into a more complex, composite behavior. See also forward chaining and backward chaining.[ Return to the top of the page
an operant conditioning procedure used to establish a desired sequence of behaviors by positively reinforcing each behavior in the sequence. 248
A method of removing brush from a site by dragging a chain between two tractors.
Removing cut fuels into windrows away from the fireline perpendicular to the slope.
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A method of linking multiple ISA Server computers together. Individual ISA Server and proxy computers or any combination can be chained. Communication is in an upstream, hierarchical order.
SNA concept in which RUs are grouped together for the purpose of error recovery.
The process of linking proven claims to unproved claims. An argument chain uses a proven argument as evidence for an unproved claim.
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A FORTRAN overlay system.
The technique of retrieving performance data from some dataset and retrieving additional metrics from the same dataset.
The use of a pointer in a record to indicate the address of another record logically related to the first.
A method for relaying requests to another server. Results for the request are collected, compiled and then returned to the client.
a method used in certain settlement systems for processing transfers. It involves the manipulation of the order in which transfers are processed to increase the number or value of transfers that may be settled with available securities and funds balances (or available credit lines).
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A structured, visual free association of ideas to help you start writing