Definitions for "Art Director"
The person overseeing the visual creative and production process and managing others involved in the creative process.
The person responsible for developing the look of an ad, editorial or other visual presentation. Can be a an independent contractor or employed by an advertising agency, a magazine or photographer.
(also known as Production Designer or Set Designer - though this is technically incorrect) Responsible for transferring the artistic requirements of a film or video production into the design and construction of a set. Most larger productions have a Production Designer and an Art Director, who actually perform different roles. The Production Designer liaises with the Director/Producer/DOP and researches, plans, designs and draws the overall look of the film, producing detailed information to enable the set construction crew to follow the plans. The Art Director is responsible for organising that crew, the budget, ensuring necessary items are purchased, and generally ensuring the Production Designer's plans are carried out. On smaller productions the roles are often taken by one person who performs both - it really depends on the scale and how complicated and elaborate the set is.[ edit
The advertising agency employee responsible for creating artwork and layouts for advertisements. Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff
5MetaCom employee who develops concepts, directs vendors and creates layouts and artwork that combine images and words to deliver your message.
artist who creates layout for ads, illustrates model's poses