Definitions for "Stylist"
Someone responsible for the look and feel of a web system.
Hair and/or makeup artist on a television shoot.
film or video production crew member who is responsible for decorating the set, props, or products featured in each scene. Stylists on a film/video set can include hair stylist, make-up stylist, or food Stylist. Food stylists are invaluable in making culinary dishes look fresh and appealing on camera.
a person who creates a look with clothes and accessories for runway shows or photographic shoots
coordinates the fashions and accessories, checks fit of clothing, visual scene
In photography of people, a stylist selects and coordinates garments and accessories to be worn by the subject. In food photography, a stylist prepares the food, designs the setting and arranges it for the photographer.
an object used to organise Rulers TextRulers
One who is a master or a model of style, especially in writing or speaking; a critic of style.
an artist who is a master of a particular style
an artist, a counseler, a beauty consultant, a true "jack of all trades"
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See Costume Designer[ edit][ edit
a writer known for developing and experimenting with language as much as the content of his/her work
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a tool that carves initials in piece and carves in detail.
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a little bit of both