Definitions for "Principles of art"
concepts that help explain the relationships of the elements of design to each other and to the total composition (e.g. balance, tension, focus, rhythm, movement, proportion, emphasis, pattern, unity, variety); the organisation of works of art, involving the ways in which the elements of art are arranged (balance, contrast, dominance, emphasis, movement, repetition, rhythm, subordination, variation, unity)
The different ways the elements of art can be used in a work of art. They include balance, emphasis, harmony, variety, movement, rhythm, and proportion.
Refers to the different ways that the elements of art may be used in a work of art. Artists "design" their works to varying degrees by controlling and ordering the elements of art. To do this, they use such principles asbalance coherence emphasis (or dominance) eurythmy harmony horror vacui movement pattern proportion rhythm unity variety