Definitions for "Aesthetics"
The branch of philosophy dealing with the appreciation of the creative form or structure of a work of art.
Philosophical investigation into the concept of beauty.
Aesthetics is the branch of philosophy involving varying aspects of art and provides the governing criteria for making artistic judgment. One main issue aesthetics attempts to resolve is how to define beauty. Is beauty inherent in the object or is it subjective, defined by the observer
(n) The artistic qualities or aspects that elicit an emotional response to an object.
describes the visual quality of buildings and spaces within a townscape.
A quality dealing with the appearance of an object.
All surface waters shall be free from pollutants in concentrations or combinations that settle to form objectionable deposits; float as debris, scum or other matter to form nuisances; produce objectionable odor, color, taste or turbidity; or produce undesirable or nuisance species of aquatic life.
Refers to the appearance of the thread in the finished seam that can be affected by contrast stitching, color matching, the sheen of the thread, the size of the thread.
Properties perceived by touch and sight, such as the hand, color, luster and texture of carpet.
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n. Simple cosmetic surgery.
The pleasurable sensations, mental and physical, which humans may experience as a result of certain environmental resources.