Definitions for "artefact"
An artefact is an object that has been made by a person. Archaeologists use artefacts to learn about the past. go back
The appearance in the CT image of details not present in the scanned object. The main components of structured noise are due to a form of partial volume effect and to beam hardening. Both effects usually result in streaking artefacts, which are observed in regions of high contrast when there is a sharp discontinuity in object density, such as at air-tissue, air-bone and metal-tissue boundaries. Streaking will also arise from mechanical misalignment within the scanner and, in clinical practice, from patient motion and the use of high-density contrast media.
A humanly modified aspect of the environment. It usually refers to objects that are made by people but the concept also incorporates farmed land, fishing weirs, etc.
A visual effect caused by an error or limitation in the system.
An unwanted visual aberration in a video image.
Unsightly visual side effect caused by defects in compression or other digital manipulation. Common artefacts include jaggies, polygon shearing (where 3D objects are torn or warped when screen refreshes can't keep up with 3D activity) and pixelation (where texture maps lose resolution and look blocky close up).
In parapsychology, false evidence of paranormal phenomena, due to some extraneous normal influence. Last updated:March 8, 2006
A spurious indication on a radiograph arising e.g. from faults in the manufacturing, handling, exposing or processing of a film.
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same as artifact.
(Or art fact) Lines, spots, blurring etc. of a picture obscuring details and/or showing things that "are not really there". Some artefacts may be caused by movement (just like any picture where someone moves) or by shadow effects, reflections etc.
Finding or product of experimental or observational techniques that is not properly associated with the system being studied.
Something observed during an investigation that is not a true phenomenon, but occurs as a result of the preparative or investigative procedure.
A feature on an image which is introduced by the optics of the scanning system or by image processing techniques.
A flaw or defect in a digital image
A tangible piece of information that (1) is created, changed and used by workers when performing activities, (2) represent an area of responsibility, and (3) is likely to be put under separate version control. An artefact can be a model, a model element, or a document. facility domain
a model of some aspect of the ' real world ' which exists beyond the computer system
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Artefact is a black metal band from France.
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a status symbol with a bit of power
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an item that has been made by someone in the past