Definitions for "Manipulator"
A value that can be inserted into streams or extracted from streams to affect or query the behavior of the stream.
a data object of a type known to I/O streams, that allows a user to change the state of a stream
a function that can be called by using the extraction/insertion operators in conjuction with a stream
A stage magician whose act is accomplished mainly by slight of hand.
A magician who uses teasing or peer pressure to get a spectator to come on stage when they don't want to.
Manipulator is the third full-length album from Mukilteo, WA's The Fall of Troy, set to be released in May 2007. This album follows up 2005's Doppelgänger. The title of the album is taken from the song "Sledgehammer".
an agent that operates some apparatus or machine; "the operator of the switchboard"
a control freak
a device blended from the Terran computer numerically controlled milling machine and the Protoss khaydarin conductor conduit
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a person who handles things manually
an object that decorates some figure, and generally paint grab-handles or some other stuff to the figure to that it can be resized and manipulated
a thing that when sent into an output object (like cout ) causes the object to change somehow or to do something
One who manipulates, sometimes in an underhanded or fraudulent manner; as, a stock market manipulator.
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a vampire sucking other people's blood
In the robot welding field, a manipulator is a mechanical device, consisting of a number of axes and is used to position (manipulate) the work piece to the optimal welding position.
a good way to access the history of a surface created with construction history (such as a beveled or revolved surface)