Definitions for "Data Format"
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See file format.
A Data Format defines the linguistic, syntactic, and semantic constraints of the handwritten information to be recognized by the recognition engine; it could be described as the expected type of input. Your handwriting context's Data Format may be textual, and could be recognized with the help of a lexicon, or it could be more specific, such as a date or time, in which case it could be defined in the form of a regular expression. MyScript Builder offers language-specific Data Formats to assist in the recognition.
A logical name assigned to a file type, valid only within the Content Manager system. Content Manager provides a large range of predefined data formats. You can also define your own data format. For example, you can define your own data format called MYGIF and use it for GIF files.
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the mode in which the geospatial data are represented
the organization of information according to preset specifications (usually for computer processing)
A defined structure of data. This includes variable names, variable types, and the meaning behind the variables.