Definitions for "Serialization"
The mechanism within the Java virtual machine for persistifying objects. The state of serialized objects is stored, and can be retrieved to re-create the object at a later time.
Conversion of an object to a serial stream of data for distribution over a network.
Or object persistence. In MFC, the process of writing or reading an object to or from a persistent storage medium, such as a disk file. The basic idea of serialization is that an object should be able to write its current state, usually indicated by the value of its member variables, to persistent storage. Later, the object can be re-created by reading, or deserializing, the object's state from storage. In RPC, the process of marshaling data to and unmarshaling data from buffers that you control, in contrast to traditional RPC usage, where the stubs and the RPC runtime control the marshaling buffers. Regarding procedures, use of MIDL-generated serialization stub to encode and decode one or more types with a single procedure call. Procedure serialization is accomplished by applying the encode and decode attributes to a function prototype in the ACF file. Regarding types, use of MIDL-generated routines to size, encode, and decode objects of a specified type. The client application calls these routines to serialize the data. Type serialization is accomplished by applying the encode and decode attributes to a single data type, or to an interface, in the ACF file.
The process of handling files that are modified during back up or archive processing. See static, dynamic, shared static, and shared dynamic.
A copy group attribute that specifies whether a file can be modified during a backup or archive operation. See static, dynamic, shared static, and shared dynamic.
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Sony DADC offer the possibility of applying an individual series or code number for every disc of a CD or DVD production, e.g. for identification purposes. The series or code number is printed approximately 5mm from the center hole in arc form.
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slippery slope splash String
The reprinting of a book or part of a book in a newspaper or magazine. Serialization before (or perhaps simultaneously with) the publication of the book is called first serial. The first reprint after publication (either as a book or by another periodical) is called second serial.
Software-controlled process of using step-and-repeat to create sequential engraved materials with slightly different information on each. Some examples include room numbers and sequential serial number. See step-and-repeat.
The consecutive ordering of items. In DB2 for AS/400, the process of controlling access to a resource to protect the integrity of the resource.
The process of storing or retrieving information through a standard protocol.
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Combining several loans into one account so that the borrower only pays one monthly bill. Original loan terms do not change with serialization.
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publication in serial form