Definitions for "Som"
Beginning in 1993, currency of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. In 1996 average exchange rate of Uzbekistani som was thirty-five to US$1; of Kyrgyzstani som, eleven to US$1.
A som is a unit of currency, like a dollar, in Uzbekistan. It's pronounced between the English words "loom" and "loam" (with an s instead of an l). Detailed description
the basic unit of money in Kyrgyzstan
(soil organic matter) portion of the soil which contains plant and animal residues at various stages of decomposition, established by the amount of organic material within a soil sample passed through a 2mm sieve.
Organic fraction of the soil, usually excluding undecayed plant and animal residues
Soil Organic Matter. The organic fraction of the soil. The broadest definition includes undecayed plant or animal residues, living soil organisms, and plant roots as categories of soil organic matter. Many definitions restrict the term to humus and organic materials that are at least partially decomposed, and whose origin (plant stems, leaves, animal remains) is no longer recognizable. Organic matter that bacteria, fungi, earthworms, and other soil organisms can decompose is a critical component of the soil food web, which is important in nutrient cycling and all other soil biological processes.
Senior Officials' Meeting A Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM) is held prior to every ministerial meeting. APEC senior officials make recommendations to the Ministers and carry out their decisions. They oversee and coordinate, with approval from Ministers, the budgets and work programs of the APEC Fora.
The Secure Trade in the APEC Region (STAR) initiative aims to secure and enhance the flow of goods and people through measures to protect cargo, ships, international aviation and people in transit.
System Object Model. A 32-bit HP-proprietary object file format for 10.x and 32-bit 11.0 releases of HP-UX. The ELF format is used for 32-bit 11i and 64-bit 11.x HP-UX. See also: ELF.
Simulation Object Model
Self Organizing Map. Neural model used to represent high dimensional non linearly related data into a generally bi-dimensional display by means of an unsupervised learning procedure.
Space Oblique Mercator projection (see Hotine Oblique Mercator ).
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Seconde p Skidmore Owings & Merrill
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The System on Module (SOM) approach allows SBC suppliers to provide a semi-custom solution. The CPU and key support chips are contained on a core module which cannot function alone. It must be mounted on a base module which provides the interface and connections to the outside world. Many OEM designers who do not want to take on the task of designing a complete SBC can benefit from using an off the shelf core module to drive a base module of their own design.
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Sire of Merit. Title awarded to a dog that sires at least 5 first generation Champions of Record.
referring to the body, the corporeal entity ("xanthosoma" = "yellow body")
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(In unit/formation designation) Somali (eg: 70 (Som) Bn KAR) KAR
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See Start-of-Message.
Acronym for Start-of-Message symbol. This symbol ( â–º) appears at the beginning of each field in an OCLC record.
Start of message character. The first character in messages sent to or received from the host.
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stand-off missile
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School Of Management s
School of Medicine
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state operations manual (CMS)
Statement of mailing. A receipt from Canada Post, outlining all pieces that were mailed, date and the costs incurred.
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Shift Operations Manager
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Share of Market.