Definitions for "SBC"
These 12 GSA centers located throughout the United States can help you tap the multi-billion-dollar GSA "market" for goods and services. Contact a center nearest you.
Systemischen Business Coach
SBC is an acronym for Small Business Centers. They are General Services Administration (GSA) offices that assist small businesses in acquiring federal contracts for goods and services.
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mart itrate ontrol, a method of accessing the Fast-motion and Slow-motion aspects of the DivX3.11a codec in order to allow variable bitrate encodes. Pioneered by Nando in his program Nandub. (More)
Smart Bitrate Control
Sociedade Brasileira de Cardiologia
Stallone Battle Cry - The sound that Sylvester Stallone utters whenever he is running away from an explosion behind him. Double Action viewers duplicate this sound for scenes from other movies where this situation occurs. It is especially effective when applied to non-humanoid forms. A key example is a scene from Independance Day in which a dog is showcased leaping away from an explosion. Either Stallone's voice or that of a dog howling is an appropriate enhancement.
Southwestern Bell Communications
Southwestern Bell Co
Southern Cross Broadcasting (Australia) Limited
Sensonic Brake Control
Session border controller. A new category of network equipment that enables interactive communications across IP network borders. SBCs closely integrate signaling and media control and serve as a transit point for all signaling and media streams going through the service provider's network. The ability to traverse firewalls and network address translators ensures ubiquity of network reach, whilst advanced routing and interworking capabilities maintain mission-critical quality of service.
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Styrenic Block Copolymer
Small Block Chevy See also: BBC, Small Block
System Benefit Charge. A charge on the monthly utility bill where the funds generated are available to your business to finance, purchase and install energy efficient improvements that save money and reduce energy consumption.
System benefits charge. A required fee (also known as a public benefits charge) from all electricity customers to fund programs aimed at the public good that may no longer be feasible for the utility to provide in a competitive electricity market. These programs include energy conservation, support for renewable energy use, low-income assistance, and research and development.
Systems Benefits Charge. The charge on each electric customer's bill that covers certain regulatory and energy public policy costs, such as public education and hardship protection.
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Solar Blind Channel
A printed circuit board that contains a complete computer, including processor, memory, I/O, networking etc.
Single Board Computer
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Sub-Band Coding
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South Bank Centre link
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Stock-Based Compensation