Definitions for "Pattern language"
a consistent collection of related patterns gathered together to deal with a specific problem domain
a set of interrelated patterns, all sharing some of the same context, and perhaps classified into categories
a set of interrelated patterns that interact to solve a larger problem or which serve as alternative solutions to a given problem
A concept originated by the architect Christopher Alexander. It refers to a set of repeated patterns, on a wide range of scales, that apply in urban design and architecture. In the 1990s this idea was taken up by software developers, who found repeated patterns in the software they were writing. The same concept can be applied to time: though history never repeats itself exactly, the same general patterns occur again and again. Thus there can be a pattern language of event sequences. See event sequence analysis.
an encyclopedic study of what makes buildings, streets, and communities work -- indeed, what makes environments human
an encylopedia of "towns, buildings and construction"
a deeply affecting analysis of the impact of the physical form on the quality of our families and communities
a handbook written to help laymen design their own communities and homes
an extraordinarily rich text, visually and conceptually
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a recipe book that can be used in toto , going from start to finish
a powerful means for capturing motivation and rationale in addition to activities
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a compilation of that thorough effort
an existence proof) and that we can develop one in an efficient collective, participatory way
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a toolkit for ordinary people who want to take control of the places of their lives
a structured collection of patterns that build on each other
a structure for design patterns
a system of patterns organized in a structure that guides their application
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a network of patterns that call upon one another