Definitions for "Recipe"
A formulary or prescription for making some combination, mixture, or preparation of materials; a receipt.
a prescription for medicine.
a set of directions for preparing food from its ingredients.
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a blueprint, but you don't have to necessarily follow it
a blueprint, ensuring you will get a specific outcome
a rough guide rather than one of nature's laws
a good analogy for how aptitudes impact on the job
a good candidate for XML
a good idea, not a sacrosanct document
a lesson is about thunderstorms with a humorous approach
an interactive online lesson that
directions for making something
A suggestion for something to ferment. Largely reduntant except when suffering imagination deficiency. Always remember Rule 1.
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a terrible thing to waste
a method or procedure for accomplishing a goal by defined steps; -- implying a high probability of achieving the goal; as, a recipe for success. Also used in a negative sense, as, a recipe for disaster.
a technique and a technique is a specific method of accomplishing a desired goal
The information required to create a trove
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Dream of a recipe and you should try to find a happy medium between your career and recreational lives.
a set of conditions and an action to be performed if the conditions are satisfied
a set of conditions, and a set of actions
A common set of assumptions or ‘shared wisdom’ held within an industry about how to operate.
a single entity that stores information about how we convert a speech signal into a sequences of vectors in a signal flow graph
Used synonymously with bill of material in process industries.
a rule that describes how a particular e-mail address should handle incoming e-mail messages
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a condition followed by an action
Keywords:  component, particular, item, parts
The component parts of any particular item.