Definitions for "Typology"
A discourse or treatise on types.
The doctrine of types.
Reading of Scripture that takes it to foreshadow or represent later events.
The classification of languages according to their linguistic features, such as word order, morphological structure, and phonological phenomena.
A synonym for classification.
The classification of artifacts according to analytical criteria, to determine and define significant trends or variations in time and space.
a clustering together of individuals by virtue of shared characteristics
a system for classifying data according to certain stable characteristics
Different systems of classifying languages in terms of their morphological or syntactical characteristics.
The systematic organisation of artefacts into chronological types based on their shared attributes such as shape or material. One of the earliest archaeological typologies was the Three Age system developed by Thomsen, a Danish scholar, in the 1830s. Thomsen argued that prehistoric material could be split into finds from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age based principally on their raw materials. This was somewhat of a breakthrough at the time and the terms are still in current use today.
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a break-down of a variable into two or more