Definitions for "Classification system"
Every state position that is not exempt or in Washington Management Service is placed in an occupational category based on specific duties of the position. Classifications determine pay range. Currently, there are more than 2,400 state job classifications.
The systematic grouping of entities into categories based upon shared characteristics Lund, 1995
A logical and systematic arrangement of information holdings into subject groups or categories. The arrangement is based on schematic relationships among information. Numbers, letters or key words are used for identification.
A framework organizations use to arrange positions into job classes and titles based on similarities of purpose, required skills, duties performed, accountability, work environment, and other common factors.
An organized list or grouping of the performance domains, tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities required for minimum competence.
An assessment process to determine a prisoner's security and/or custody level.
a schedule, alphabetic index of classes, and subdivisions