Definitions for "Cutter number"
A combination of leters and numbers used to distinguish an item with the same classification number and organize under that classification number alphabetically by author, title, or other entry. Named for the table used for this purpose first devised by C.A. Cutter.
A system created by C. A. Cutter which combines letters from an author's name and numbers assigned from a table to form part of an item's call number. The Cutter number, combined with the work mark, provides each item with a unique alphanumeric code which makes items within a given subject class fall into alphabetical order by author. In general, the Cutter number is based on the main entry (whether author or title) and the work mark is based on the title (if the main entry is not a title).
See Author number.  atabase - A continuously updated computer file of related information, abstracts, or references on a particular subject, arranged for ease and speed of search and retrieval. Databases are usually created and maintained with the aid of software known as a ‘database management system'. An on-line library catalogue is also a type of database - this time, of bibliographic records.