Definitions for "Monographic series"
Keywords:  unnumbered, series, goup, unanal, ccm
A series of monographs published with the same series title and individual monograph titles. A monographic series may be numbered or unnumbered.
A group of monographs, usually related to one another in subject, normally issued in succession, normally by the same publisher and in uniform style with a collective title applying to the goup as a whole. Monographic series may be numbered or unnumbered. This definition holds regardless of cataloging treatment (Cat Sep, Cat Anals, Unanal). (See supplementary definition pages for Monographic Series)
This is another term for "series". It is misleading because it implies that the individual titles in the series are all monographs when some or all may be serials. (CCM)
Keywords:  volumes, definite, books, end, set
a set of books that have a number of volumes with a definite end