Definitions for "Topos"
a categorical model of constructive set theory
a category E which is equivalent to the category of sheaves of sets on a (small) site
a category that is good enough for set theory
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a traditional theme or motif or literary convention; "James Joyce uses the topos of the Wandering Jew in his Ulysses"
pl. TOPOI (TOH-poy) From the Greek for "place" (short for "commonplace"), a literary passage or expression which becomes a conventional theme in subsequent literature. Although more commonly used in some literary genres than others, the term refers to content rather than form. Sidelight: Standardized topics such as the poet's invocation if the Muse or of a dear departed "having gone to a better world" are examples of topoi, as well as are many metaphors.(Compare Motif)
the normative axiom that underlies a socialized afference. universe of assumption: part of the semantic universe composed of propositions attributed to an actor of the utterance or of the represented enunciation.