Definitions for "and B"
Keywords:  semilattice
a semilattice
a more general notion than the vector space tensor product
a scalar quantity equal to the product of the magnitudes of the two vectors and the cosine of the smallest angle between them
a subset of the Cartesian product A x B
a consistent size of step
a plant piscicide of Taiwan made from whole Justicia hayatai var
a whole step, but needs to be a half step, hence the B must be altered to B flat
a function that maps members of A to members of B in a way that preserves the group property
a mapping h from A to B which preserves the strict order relation, i
an outer join (A being the outer table), it is lossless as it preserves all rows of table A
Keywords:  contradiction
a contradiction
a high-volume, commercial piezo valve actuator, developed for a pneumatic Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) building control system
a river along which a major flood-control project is planned
a positive-definite symmetric matrix -- requires the Jordan factorization of the quotient matrix (Binv A)
a blending of energies from the Pleiades, Arcturius, Andromeda and Orion
Keywords:  moiety, bicyclic, cyclic, fused
a bicyclic moiety, W is a cyclic moiety, and A and W are fused
Keywords:  brick, wall, see
a brick wall which cannot be seen through
a brick wall which they cannot see through
a (possibly improper) superset of the required type-form inside the template, they both are weak-subtypes of the template parameter
an ABSOLUTE effect - no relativity of simultaneity is involved and no relativization of existence is necessary to explain it
a necessary condition of B receiving any motion from the external force applied to A
a valid map of the simultaneous view of both observers - see appendix
Keywords:  stright, line, straight
a straight line through E
a stright line
Keywords:  castor, companion, c', system
a further companion of this system, "Castor C''
a viral culture of nasal-pharyngeal samples, throat samples, or both
Keywords:  mess, historic, induction, looks, one
an historical one, so this looks like an induction (eg
an historic mess
Keywords:  liar, truth, never, tells
a liar (never tells the truth)
Keywords:  inclusive, tees, tough, engagement, set
a commitment to understanding and promoting educational engagement within inclusive settings
an element of B
a set, lb,ub and c must also be a set
Keywords:  sidetrack, goes, spot, point
a spot where a sidetrack goes to point C
Keywords:  fingertip, jacket, semi, fitted, length
a fingertip length, semi-fitted jacket
a minimum qualitative difference
a primary difference, the distinction between Z and z is a secondary difference, the distinction between e and e-acute is tertiary, and so on
Keywords:  planespotting, sit, great, down, place
a great place to sit down and go planespotting
a descendent of the nearest common ancestor of A and C
a reflection of the greater availability, greater facility of collection, and resultant lower prices of firewood
an ordinal, non cardinal number (cardinals are a particular case of ordinals)
Keywords:  max, formula, depth, over
a formula whose depth over k is max(depth(A) depth(B) Since we
Keywords:  amber, super, pure, coat, chemical
a chemical process similar to that of the Super Amber Pure only with an additional coat
a comprehensive two-course sequence covering a substantial portion of the U
a substitution making the two terms identical
a very common study design and represents the most simple experimental model with a single disease, two alternative treatments and two possible outcomes
an online virtual installation space funded by Creative New Zealand The
an agreement requiring a landscaping service and not a rental of tangible personal property
a type of biological evolution, that suited the needs of the populations due to change of environment or living conditions etc
a controlled business arrangement
an affiliated business arrangement
Keywords:  artwork, that
an artwork, and that's not so
Keywords:  clot, blood
a blood clot, C
Keywords:  hydrogenation, block
a block before the hydrogenation
a round shape geometrically defined as an arc
Keywords:  empty, name
an empty name
Keywords:  subordinate, name
a subordinate name of A
Keywords:  constant
a constant if W is
Keywords:  polymer, segment, joined, left, long
a polymer with one long segment of polymer A joined to another long segment of polymer B, like you can see on your left
a law of nature or a fully dependable regularity
a regular language
a membership function, which is used for obtaining a degree of membership
a function of time and second, the distance is always increasing
a third of the distance between C and E
Keywords:  difficult, bit
a bit more difficult
a topic that has already been covered many times and can be improved by either using interfaces or dependency injection
Keywords:  axis, drawing, mark, added, represents
a time axis, and the mark added on the axis represents a timing for performing the drawing
Keywords:  node, single
a single node
Keywords:  little, average, above
a little above average
Keywords:  extra, optional
an optional extra
Keywords:  casts, object, type, reference, one
a reference to an object of type B and a one of type A , then (A)b casts b into an A and (B)a casts b as an A
Keywords:  relationship, end, means
a means/end relationship