Definitions for "Tensor"
A muscle that stretches a part, or renders it tense.
The ratio of one vector to another in length, no regard being had to the direction of the two vectors; -- so called because considered as a stretching factor in changing one vector into another. See Versor.
a generalization of the concept of a vector
an invariant multi-dimensional transformation, that takes forms inone coordinate system into another
a uni-dimensional array with indexing facility that allows manipulation as N-dimensional matrix
An array, generally of rank greater than 2.
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Tensor is a main character in Ian Irvine's The View from the Mirror quartet.
The code-name for Microsoft’s OLAP API, a set of OLE COM objects and interfaces designed to add multidimensionality to OLE DB. It has become the de facto industry standard multidimensional API, being adopted both by most front-end OLAP tools vendors and by several other OLAP database vendors. The official name is OLE DB for OLAP, and the 1.0 specification was first published in February 1998.
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a monstrosity with indices