Definitions for "Categorical data"
Data that are labels rather than numbers. The label may describe a classification, category, or group of the item of interest. For example, for data on reasons people were absent from work, the classifications might include categories such as illness, vacation, holiday, or funeral leave. (See also Continuous data.)
data that arises by observing the group or class to which an outcome or an object belongs; often recorded as labels which may be alphabetical or numerical (e.g. gender observed as male or female may be recorded as M or F, and also as 0 or 1).
Data evaluated by sorting values into various categories(for example, severe, moderate, and mild). causality assessment Determining whether there is a reasonable possibility that the drug caused or contributed to an adverse event. It includes assessing temporal relationships, dechallenge/rechallenge information, association (or lack of association) with underlying disease, and the presence (or absence) of a more likely cause.
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