Definitions for "Tabulation"
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Keywords:  bny, abstain, adr, favour, solicitation
Following a proxy solicitation, a tabulation will show the ADR votes received in favour and against each of the resolutions of the General Meeting. BNY will vote (or abstain), or cause to be voted, on behalf of the ADR holder, according to the information on the tabulation.
The act of forming into a table or tables; as, the tabulation of statistics.
Putting data collected during research into tables. Cross-tabulation involves a two dimensional table, based on answers to two of the questions included in a survey.
Comparing combinations of counts of several variables in the form of tables of numbers. See cross-tab for an example.
Keywords:  census, totaling, reporting, data
The totaling and reporting of the census data.
Keywords:  putting, act, form
the act of putting into tabular form; "the tabulation of the results"
Keywords:  set, form, information
information set out in tabular form