Definitions for "PROBLEM SOLVING"
The process of solving problems; the isolation and control of those conditions which generate or facilitate the creation of undesirable symptoms.
When used by an AEA in its identification process, systematic problem solving means a set of procedures that is used to examine the nature and severity of an educationally related problem. These procedures primarily focus on variables related to developing effective educationally related interventions. Active parent participation is an integral aspect of the process and is solicited throughout.
system atic process for arriving at a solution. [D03174] RMW Finding ways to overcome or get around obstacles to progress. [D02326] PPS&C p43
the ability to approach a situation in which a goal is to be reached and to design one or more appropriate causes of action to reach that goal.
Finding ways to reach a goal when no routine path is apparent.
the thought process by which an individual overcomes obstacles to reach a goal. (313)
A systematic approach utilizing multiple perspectives to uncover the issues related to a particular problem, design an intervention plan, and evaluate the outcome.
A method of learning in which students work to understand a problem, create and carry out a plan of action, and review, discuss and evaluate processes for problem resolution.