Definitions for "Uncover"
Keywords:  divest, hat, bare, cap, token
To take the cover from; to divest of covering; as, to uncover a box, bed, house, or the like; to uncover one's body.
To divest of the hat or cap; to bare the head of; as, to uncover one's head; to uncover one's self.
To take off the hat or cap; to bare the head in token of respect.
Keywords:  disclose, openly, reveal, verb
To show openly; to disclose; to reveal.
verb, to reveal, to disclose
make visible; "Summer brings out bright clothes"; "He brings out the best in her"; "The newspaper uncovered the President's illegal dealings"
remove all or part of one's clothes to show one's body; "uncover your belly"; "The man exposed himself in the subway"
An online database available via the BIDS gateway.
A database of book reviews, magazines, and articles, including FAX article delivery. It provides table of contents information for over 14,000 journals in all disciplines held by the libraries in the Colorado Academic and Research Libraries consortium and provides on-line access to ERIC, at education database. Coverage for most journals begins with 1989.
Keywords:  dishes, remove, covers
To remove the covers from dishes, or the like.