Definitions for "CTS"
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. symptoms of this condition, caused by damage or pressure tot he arm's median nerve, include tingling, numbness, or pain in the thumb and fingers.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. A nerve disorder in the hand that causes pain and loss of feeling, especially in the thumb and first three fingers. Auto accidents can cause CTS.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Compression of the median nerve, which runs to the hand through the wrist. CTS is often used as a catch-all term to erroneously describe other repetitive stress injuries.
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(Copper Tub Size) Refers to outside diameter; Used to size certain fittings and hangers.
opper ube ize: Refers to the outside diameter of the pipe.
opper ube ize. Refers to outside diameter and is used to size certain fittings and hangers
The acronym for Casino Tournament Strategy, book by Stanford Wong.
Center for Telecommunications at Stanford
Content Tracking System. The system used to identify which channel is being viewed on the analogue and digital cable and digital terrestrial platforms. Also used to identify timeshift viewing.
Computerized Typesetting System
Conventional Terrestrial System
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Consolidated Tariff Schedule. Database maintained by the WTO Secretariat, which contains, among other things, members' commitments to reduce bound rates. Commitments negotiated under the Uruguay Round are expected to be largely implemented by 1 July 2005.
Calvin Theological Seminary RA Resident Assistant
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Combat Training Squadron
Certified Transferee Specialist
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Counter-Terrorist Search
Centre for Research on Transportation and Society, Dalarna University.
Communications Test System. Hekimian's 3700-series test equipment for analog and channelized testing.
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See “Cigarette & Tobacco Outlet Stores.
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Course To Steer.
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Career and Technology Studies.
Common abbreviation for CICS Transaction Server. Component Transaction Server
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Car Top Solutions
Car Top System
See Content Tracking System.
Correspondence Tracking System
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Clinical Trial Services
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Map. Cross the Streams.