Definitions for "Stores"
Vast, cool underground chambers were stocked with enough dried or preserved food to see a .large garrison through a lengthy siege. The defense strategy might include equipping a castle with a windmill, granaries, oil presses and dovecotes.
Animals bred for meat production sold before they are ready to be killed. A farmer breeds them and rears them through their early life when they are at greatest risk from disease but because they are small they need relatively little food. They are sold as stores to someone who has plenty of feed available and specialises in fattening them.
The provisions and supplies, such as food, water, arms, sailcloth and rope on board a ship during a sea-voyage.
Provisions and supplies on board required for running a vessel.
Military supplies of all kinds.
Materials Distribution Services (MDS), formerly UW Stores, has a "prime vendor relationship" with Corporate Express (formerly BT Office Products). Products purchased from Corporate Express are available at very competitive prices, as a result of this contract. MDS monitors the contract for compliance, assisting its customers with product information, pricing, availability, etc.
The function associated with storing and issuing frequently used items.
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