Definitions for "Videoconferencing"
The use of digital video transmission systems to communicate between sites using audio and video compressed and sent via data networks, usually via switched ISDN called or via high-speed IP networks. Videoconferencing systems usually consist of camera, codec, network access equipment, network, and audio system in one unit.
A confusing term which has been applied to everything from live video-lecturing to large audiences to desktop comunications on a point to point basis.
Conducting a conference between two or more people in remote locations using computer and video technology to relay the images and sounds in (close to) real time.
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Long touted as the miracle technology that would bring people closer together without the need for them to meet physically, videoconferencing has yet to make its mark in most industries.
A system of computer-monitored two-way video transmission using phone lines that allows viewers at both ends of the session to see and hear each other.
Video images transmitted live form one location to another using satellite links.
The sending of video signals as well as telephone and computer data signals.