Definitions for "Teleconference"
Live, two-way audio transmission between two or more locations. Usually includes speaker phones and microphone amplification systems that allow audio volume balancing for people at different locations from the microphone. May also be supported by the use of FAX machines, etc. (See Video Conference)
Type of meeting which brings together three or more people in two or more locations through telecommunications.
Simultaneous visual and/or sound interconnection using telecommunications links that allow individuals in remote locations to see and communicate with each other in a conference arrangement. There are many types of teleconferences, including videoconferencing, computer conferencing or Web conferencing, and audio conferencing.
a fast, time-saving way to get your entire team up to speed on issues critical to your dealership
a series of messages entered on a computer by users to exchange ideas and information on one or more topics
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a focus group that takes place by phone rather than in person