Definitions for "conference call"
A phone call for analysts, institutional investors and individual investors...
This enables three or more people to participate in a single telephone call made from a basic telephone service to another basic telephone service within Australia or outside Australia.
Allows users to add more parties to your conversation (call). A maximum of eight parties can participate in a conference call of which three can be at off-campus numbers.
a disembodied way of bringing a group together to think together across space
An exchange line caller and several extensions can be connected together in one conversation.
Allows you to speak to more than one person at the same time. This can be extremely useful for remote business meetings. To use this service, it must be supported by your network and by your phone. You may also have to add this service to your subscription.
A way to feel really popular. Lets you talk to more than one person on the phone at the same time, and for all of them to talk to you as well as each other, all at the same time, unless you agree that it is better that only one of you talk at one time
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