Definitions for "Videophone"
A telephone that is coupled to an imaging device that enables the call receiver or the call originator, or both, to view one another as on television, if they so desire. A military communications terminal that has video teleconference capability, is usually configured as a small desktop unit, designed for one operator, and is a single, integrated unit.
Telephone with video
Small, stand-alone video appliance with a small camera and circulation, not part of a computer or larger videoconferencing system, that enables interactive audio-video communications over POTS or ISDN.
A videophone allows you to see and talk or sign to someone at the same time. Picture quality is good enough for sign language communication, although you may need to sign a little more slowly than usual.
a form of remote communication which allows the user to transfer not only a voice signal, but also a visual video signal
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a fund assessed in all criminal cases to support the purchasing and maintaining of videophone systems.