Definitions for "Multicasting"
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Transmitting information (especially video and audio) to a discreet number of specified destinations, as distinct from transmitting to a single destination ('point to point') or to an undefined and potentially unlimited number ('broadcasting').
Transmitting information to a well-defined and controlled group of users on your network. Multiplexer - Combines several different signals (eg video, audio, data) onto a single communication channel for transmission. De-multiplexing separates each signal at the receiving end.
The transmit operation of a single PDU by a source interface where the PDU reaches a group of one or more destinations.
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a vital topic on your BCMSN, CCNP, and CCIE exams, and it can also be very confusing when you first start studying it
The process of enabling communication between Sun Ray servers over their Sun Ray network interfaces in a failover environment.
Transmitting information to several receivers at the same time.