Definitions for "Multiplexing"
A system dating back to the days of Thomas Edison and used to allow a single telegraph wire to transmit more than one message at a time. The modern equivalent can transmit the many signals from an organ console to the relay over a single small cable. Not yet widely used in this way because of occasional problems with long cables, multiplexing can also be used inside the console, where it allows unlimited couplers and transposers.
The potential transmission of several feeds of the same cable network with the same programming available at different times of the day. This is seen as one possible use of the additional channel capacity that may be made available by digital compression. Multiplexing is also used by some cable networks to mean transmitting several slightly different versions of the network, for example several MTV channels carrying different genres of music.
The transmission of two or more signals over a single channel. Number portability The ability of an end user to change local exchange carriers while retaining the same telephone number. Off-net A customer that is not physically connected to a service provider's network.
process of combining audio and video data in a final MPEG file. See "Interleaving"
A function within a layer that interleaves the information from multiple connections into one connection (see demultiplexing).
Multiplexing is combining one audio file and one video file to create a movie file that contains both audio and video. For example, combining an MPEG audio file with an MPEG video-only file to create an MPEG systems file.
A process where cameras are switched frame by frame. Can be used in applications such as multiviewing and multirecording
switching between two or more locations
is a process whereby many surveillance cameras are switched frame by frame. This frame switching can be used in applications like multi viewing, multi recording etc. Neutral density filter: is a type of filter used with lenses which reduces light of all wavelengths equally.
A technology enabling multiple devices to share a telephone circuit.
A scheme in which an electronic control circuit interrogates each sensor of an array in sequence. True photoelectric multiplexing enables each modulated emitter only during the time that it samples the output of the associated receiver. In this way, the chance of false response of any receiver to the wrong light source is eliminated.
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The processes by which several phone calls are carried in the same frequency band at the same time. In wireless, major multiplexing methods include TDMA and CDMA.
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Allowing several applications to use a resource in such a way that each one acts as if it owns the resource completely.