Definitions for "Mux"
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This is technically a logic circuit that sends one of several inputs out over a single output channel. In the network world, it is used to describe devices that send several signals over a single line at the same time, sequenced by time or frequency intervals. The device on the other side of the wire that receives the signal is a demultiplexer.
A device that takes the outputs from a number of encoders and multiplexes them together to form one data stream
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Mu ltiple ing. This is process of combining separate audio and video streams together to make one file. The act of separating these streams is called Demux ing or Demu ltiple ing. You can do this with MPEG 1 or 2 streams using MPEG Tools in TMPGenc.
The transmitter/frequency/channel where the programme provider/operator transmit a package of digital channels/services. Usually there are several MUX frequencies with different or same content.
Combines two or more video/audio signals into one channel. Usually accepts 10 or 16 video inputs and displays them in various formats.
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Rob Pike at Bell Labs for the Ninth Edition Research Unix. mux is a predecessor of the Plan 9 windowing systems 8½ and rio, which retain its minimalist user interface.
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Dirt; filth; muck.
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multi-user text game played using TinyMUX server such as Aether
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To mix in an untidy and offensive way; to make a mess of.
Electronic equipment that allows two or more signals to pass over one communications circuit.
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MUX, Mux, or mux can refer to