Definitions for "RIO"
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flavor. A heavy and harsh taste characteristic of coffee grown in the Rio district of Brazil, and sometimes present even in fancy mild coffee.
the former capital and 2nd largest city of Brazil; chief Brazilian port; famous as a tourist attraction
With particular reference to Brazils, an iodine-like flavor that can be very pungent.
Rio is an album by Duran Duran, originally released worldwide on May 10, 1982, but re-released in November in the United States. It reached #2 on the UK charts.
"Rio" is a hit single from the album Rio by Duran Duran, and one of their most recognisable songs and music videos. "Rio" was released worldwide in November, 1982, then was reissued in the United States in March of 1983, and was a Top 20 hit on both sides of the Atlantic.
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RIO is a rock group formed in 1980 by founding members Cucho and Chachi Galarza and Pocho Prieto in the district of Pueblo Libre in Lima, Peru.
Religion Index One: Periodicals. A code which identifies the ATLA workflow for serials and journal articles. Records with this code have been created or included within the RIO workflow. Used as a valid value in the ATLAReligion and ATLAS record stream indexes. See also IBRR, IMAGE, and RIT.
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Lit. river (narrow canals).
n., river
A collection of content, practice, and assessment items assembled around a single learning objective. RIOs are built from templates based on whether the goal is to communicate a concept, fact, process, principle, or procedure. (Pronounced "REE-O")
reusable information object. A collection of content, practice, and assessment items based on a learning objective.
Rio was the brand name of a line of digital audio players, best known for producing the "Diamond Rio" model that was the impetus for a lawsuit in 1998 by the Recording Industry Association of America. That lawsuit eventually failed, leading the way for the portable digital music industry to take off.
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Remote Input Ouput - refers to Galaxy processor.
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Radar Intercept Officer. US Navy term for back-seat weapons and targeting systems operator.
Reference Interconnection Offer. see Model
Reference interconnect offering
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Plan 9 from Bell Labs's windowing system.
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See Repository IO.