Definitions for "Primary Rate Interface"
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An ISDN service providing users with 23 64 kbps bearer (or B) channels for message information and 1 64 kbps data (or D) channel for signaling and control over an existing telephone line.
One of two levels of ISDN service. In North America, PRI typically provides 23 bearer channels for voice and data and one channel for signaling information (commonly expressed as 23B+D). In Europe, PRI typically provides 30 bearer lines (30B+D). See Basic Rate Interface and Integrated Services Digital Network.
Edit / PRI - The ISDN standards that bundle multiple circuits over a single link. In the US, it consists of 24 circuit switched B (bearer) channels plus one packet-switched D (data) channel. It is the ISDN equivalent of a T1 circuit (1.544 Mbps). See Also: T1 ISDN
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See PRI.