Definitions for "Fractional T-1"
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A Fractional T-1 is a full-blown, two-pair T-1 data connection that has been fractionalized, or set up so that it offers data throughput only a fraction of standard 1.54Mbps T-1 speeds. Data service companies offer them in a range of speeds (128, 254, 382, 512, and 764Kbps), and they cost less than full T-1. Fractional and full-blown T-1 lines all use the same CSU/DSU line driver equipment. That means that fractional T-1 user can increase or decrease the speed of their data connection to match demand without changing their data communications equipment.
Refers to a data transmission speed between 56 Kbps and 1.54 Mbps. Channels are typically 64k in size.
FT-1 for fractional T-1 refers to any data transmission rate between 56 Kbps and 1.544 Mbps. It is typically provided by a carrier in lieu of a full T-1 connection and is a point-to point arrangement. A specialized multiplexer is used by the customer to channelize the carrier's signals.
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