Definitions for "Exams"
A formal test that students sit in order to demonstrate your knowledge and ability in a particular area.
Education and Experience (E&E) Examinations are used to fill positions in which specific experience, more than general knowledge and ability, is a better indicator of a candidate's qualification for a particular position. E&E Examinations are usually offered for "professional" positions. Multiple-Choice Examinations are generally offered for Open Competitive titles or entry level positions to the City's workforce. These exams tend to consist of 40 to 150 multiple-choice questions. The candidate records answers on a scan-tron sheet by coloring in circles with a No. 2 pencil. Practical/Physical Examinations test a candidate's skill or fitness in performing a specific task. Frequently, these exams are given in addition to a multiple-choice examination.
Regular health examinations can go a long way in ensuring a long life for your pet. Early signs of disease can be identified and medical treatment can begin before serious damage occurs. An exam should be given at least once a year. This can be combined with your pet's annual vaccinations.
A medical evaluation of a person.
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a factor in the regulators' decision to permit a lender to revoke a branch, merge or acquire another institution
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a learning in itself