Definitions for "whiteboard"
A form of communication that uses an area on the screen to write, draw and paste graphics.
An electronic version of a dry-erase board that enables learners in a virtual classroom to view what an instructor, presenter, or fellow learner writes or draws. Also called a smartboard or electronic whiteboard.
An area on a display screen that multiple learners can write or draw on. Whiteboards are a principal component of teleconferencing applications because they enable visual as well as audio communication.
a web based collaborative document
A master trouble ticket created to cover a sudden and/or large-scale problem (e.g., server outage) which is the source of many unresolvable help desk calls, because a specific method of resolution has yet to be documented. Without a Whiteboard, analysts wouldn't know what's wrong and wouldn't know where to assign the trouble ticket.
Whiteboard is a fully-featured and -integrated courseware system, targeted toward colleges and universities.
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Reminder device for "to do" lists such that it is easy to rub out the "can't be dones".
The metaphor for that portion of the Answer Room in which problems are displayed and answers are typed.
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a great tool for discussing ideas with others
an area where members can leave little messages for one another