Definitions for "EPG"
Electronic Programme Guide. An application that gives access to a range of service or channels and gives information about their start times and schedules, programme content etc. What do they do? manage the expanding number of channels Aggregate channel info from multiple broadcasters Serve as a gateway to services bookmarking / VOD / WWW access / ecommerce / email / telephony & videophones / parental locks / search
Electronic Programming Guide. A TV guide that is broadcast via GemStar, that owns TV Guide. It contains the names of the shows, date and hour of broadcast, for movies — episode title, actors cast, ratings. You can program recordings by titles, performers or ratings, at your choice.
Exercise Planning Guide
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Electrophoretogram (electrophoresis)
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Eminent Persons Group
Eminent Person's Group. Pacific Forum.
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eggs per gram. This is how the results of each count is presented and basically shows the number of eggs found in each gram of faeces at the time of the test.
eggs per gram (of feces) et seq and the following one(s) Fahrenheit
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See NexTView.
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